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Bladetech Hockey Blades

Recently I was given the opportunity to test and review a set of Bladetech Hockey skate blades. I had heard and read quite a bit about them beffore they arrived and was very excited to see if they lived up to those claims. Needless to say that my expectations were met and exceeded. In the last 3 years I have skated on STEP, Flare and now Bladetech and for flat out speed and agility, the Bladetechs can't be touched.

Bladetech Hockey uses the highest quality steel to keep your edges staying sharper for loner. Their patented technology will increase agility and speed by 5.5% and will also cushion the knee joints from 20% of the impact forces. Bladetech's motto is, PLAY FASTER, PLAY LONGER, and with the innovative blades, you will, trust me.

Your agility and speed will improve in all aspects of the game,  helping you perform to the highest level. Your body won't feel as sore after a skate due to the cushioning effect, meaning that you will have quicker recovery times, and be less prone to injuries.

Bladetech also offers Diamond Like Coating, anodized black and gold coatings as well as a full range of powder coat colours. Add laser etching of team logos, player names, numbers and just about anything you can imagine.

For more information contact myself or Bladetech directly at

Order online and use the promo code FOCUSED10 and receive $10.00 off your order.

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