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Not Power Skating, Just Better Skating

At Focused Skating Solutions, we are not a power skating program or a conditioning camp. We are not teaching skating with pucks or skating and passing. We focus on basic skating techniques and how to apply them to improve your game. Balance, posture, striding technique, turns and pivots in all directions and on both feet are the foundation of what makes players better skaters. That is our goal.

We use focused skating drills and video analysis to help players identify their strengths and weaknesses so when they are on the ice, whether it be at practice, on extra ice, or in a game, they have the tools to improve their skating. Analysis videos can be stored on any mobile device for players to take to the rink and watch again and again. They become almost a private skating lesson that's with them all the time. Repeating the warm-up drills we do on our sessions and working on the ones that we give them for their particular area of focus, allows them to do some of the work on their own as well.

"The number one skill to develop and improve to be an elite hockey player is skating. The proper ability to use your edges, pivots turns, crossovers and more will give any player an advantage on the ice.

Coaching rep hockey for almost 30 years, I have been involved with many different instructors during this time.

I finally found an instructor who had a figure skating background and hockey experience.

Ben Russenholt has both the knowledge and the ability to teach the proper skating skills and techniques.

Over the years he certainly made a difference in the skating abilities with the players I  coached.

I would highly recommend Ben to any parent who would like to see their child improve the technical part of their skating. Ben was great!"


Rick Carr

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