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Focused Skating Camps: Priced on a Camp to Camp Basis

Our camps all have one or more areas of focus. Edges, Turns & Pivots, Basic Stride Mechanics, Backwards skating, and Starts & Stops. All the drills that we add to those camps will have the same purpose based on the theme of the camp. Turns and Pivots Camp would be by far our most challenging, as players need to be able to skate well forwards and backwards in order to get maximum benefit from the drills.

Some Camps will include two or three areas of focus because all the skills relate to each other. ie. Forward Stride Mechanics, Edges and Back Skating will generally be offered together because the skills are similar and lend themselves to each other. The time spent on each area of focus, and the amount of ice time we have for a Camp, may play a part in the session content as well. Find Camp info under the "upcoming Camps" tab

Team Practices:

When booking 5 practices or less - $95 per practice

When booking 6 or more practices - $85 per practice

 This is by far the most economical way to engage our services, because your team already has ice time. One, or the both of us, can be hired to come to a Team Practice, and run a session that focuses on the areas that coaches identify to us ahead of time. We can also attend a game and take notes, in order to give us some idea of the Teams needs, as well. Video analysis, explained below, can also be built into this program, especially if we are coming to a practice in October and not again until Christmas break. Skaters review the video and work on the drills done at the initial practice, we check improvement at the second or third practice. Please Contact to Discuss Options use the Book NOW button on the home page.

Private Sessions:

Pricing can vary due to ice costs and number of participants - Call for details.

This is the most effective way to use Focused Skating Solutions. You book the ice, you organize and arrange for the players that will be on the session and we bring our equipment and drills. We are also able to go to a game before these sessions, to take notes and identify areas of Focus before the sessions, as mentioned for Team Practices above. These sessions are proving to be the most beneficial, as the parents get to decide the maximum number of players that attend, so the coach to skater ratio, and the opportunities for one on one instruction are maximized.

-Inexpensive ice can be found in a number of different locations. Focused Skating Solutions is fully insured, so arrangements for bookings that require proof of insurance can easily be made. Please Contact to Discuss.

As always, video analysis can be included as part of this program.

Remote Instruction:

Prices can vary based on content and turn-around - Call for details.

Because we live in the age of smart phones, all we need is some raw video footage done by yourself or a helper, taken from a couple of different angles and we can edit a video review for anyone, from anywhere. The review will come back the same as ones done locally and we will include instructions for drills that you can do on your own to work on the particular areas that we identify in the video. Again, Please Contact to Discuss Options

Video Analysis:

-One video - Front and back view side by side with analysis and tips for future learning - $40

-Two videos - two back views one at the start of working together and one at the end. Full analysis and tips for future learning - $50

We do a number of different video formats in order to offer the correct mix for each skater.

-Some skaters will want to have a full review video done on the first session and then a comparison video on the last or second last day of the camp to identify areas of both improvement and areas that still need some attention.

-Some skaters will simply want a video review done on the first session and then use that for several months as they work through the points of focus on their own.

-Some will want one done only at the end of our time together, so they have something to work on as they move forward. It's really up to you, in any case, each video is at least 8-10 minutes long with lots of detail and explanation, so it is easy to understand and becomes a permanent teaching aid. Please watch the sample video for more information.

Technology has changed considerably since this video was produced so quality of current videos has improved.

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