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Winter Skating Camp

Hello everyone. We have an opportunity to run a camp on our Tuesday evening ice. The ice is from 4:30pm - 5:30pm Tuesday nights at the Cataraqui - Kinsman Arena. We would run an 8 week camp, from January 9th - February 27th.

The camp would be designed to focus on Edges - both forwards and backwards, Foward Stride Mechanics, Backward Skating, and Cross Overs - both directions.

Video analysis on the first and last sessions would be offered, with complete video packages available.

Although the drills will keep everyone moving and most will find them challenging physically, the focus of the camp will be Skating Technique and NOT cardio or conditioning. 

Estimated cost for the camp would be $190.00 and we would be looking for Rep. players in the Atom to Bantam age groups (9-14)

Others will be considered but by application only.

Because of the structure of the drills, every skater, regardless of age or ability will benefit. Most drills are designed to be done at each skaters pace and the emphasis is on Quality and not Quantity, so no one feels pressured to finish a drill or “catch-up” to the group.

I am looking for initial interest levels, and the camp will be capped at 16. Please send me a note, here or on your Facebook page and let me know if you are interested.         

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