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2019 Summer Camp

I know that it is hard to think about hockey and the upcoming season, when it is only the 25th of May but with teams picked and families gearing up for another season, I am starting to get enquiries about a late Summer Camp. I would like to let everyone know that this is something that is on my radar and I will be looking into ice and time commitment, over the next few days. If a clinic is in the works, I will have all the details hammered out by the first week in June and posted here and on our FaceBook page. Please check back regularly, to ensure you don't miss out.

I have also received my first information request for Team work this year, so if 1 or several sessions, over the course of the year, is in the works for your team, please reach out sooner than later, as my time this winter will be limited again. Life with two special needs children is not getting any easier or less time consuming. I will be considering all requests but in the end, it will be a first come, first accommodated arrangement with times that fit my schedule.

Last season I did a number of private lesson sessions, so if you miss the camp and can't get a group together, this type of arrangement may also work for you. Again, please get your requests to me as soon as you can.

I have had a very busy Spring and there have been some significant life changes, so if I owe you a video, I am sorry, I have scheduled myself time on the 28th and 30th to sit and complete all outstanding reviews, so if you haven't received yours by the end of next week, please reach out.

Email or phone call will work.

Thanks for your patience. Ben

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