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A bit of confusion & Credits

Hello everyone. I need to take a minute and explain why some of you have heard that I am running Spring Camps but you didn’t know?

A week or two ago I got a text from John Tripp of the Kingston Hockey Academy asking me if I would work some sessions with him over the spring. Of course I said yes. I have run sessions with him before and it has worked very well but I made a huge mistake in assuming that this would be a combined session where there would be puck handling and shooting etc, and I would be doing skating in one zone. Skaters would rotate through stations as we have done before. Well, it turns out that these sessions are all skating on 3/4 ice while Mike Murphy works with goalies at the other end.

So long story short, yes I am working camps over the spring however, I am not doing the booking and they will incorporate more puck work than what I would have in a normal camp and be 3/4 ice. I believe that there are some spots available on the Thursday night session but all others are full.

That‘s the bad news. The Great News is that if you are one of the people who still have a credit from our cancelled camp in 2020 and you are already booked on or may be taking a Thursday Spot, please reach out to myself or John, as you will be able to apply your credit to these camps!!

I hope this makes sense and I am truly sorry if you were missed, just know that I will be running a full compliment of my own camps in July and August, in advance of AA and AAA tryouts. If demand dictates, I may run a morning session over the Spring, I just don’t know how many would be looking now that 4 full sessions of John’s are full, tryouts are pushed back and the season is almost over.

As always, if there are questions or concern, please reach out and we can discuss.

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