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Summer/Fall Programs

Hello everyone. I have noticed an increase in the number of visitors to the website since the ”re-opening of Ontario” was announced and I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on our plans for Summer/Fall Camps.

I have been in contact with the City of Kingston and at this point, they are not planning on putting ice in to any rinks until Late July. Even when ice goes in, I expect that it will be hard to book, as there is an abundance of user groups looking to get in and the City will only be opening select rinks, and not all at once. As space in Kingston becomes available, we will definitely start running programs in town but again, I wouldn’t expect to be doing anything here until mid to late August.

Second. I have not spoken to anyone from the Strathcona Paper Centre or the W.J. Henderson Arena but I definitely have it on my radar for next week. I cannot comment on availability at these facilities but they have been the first rinks to open each time that we have eased Covid protocols and I anticipate that this time will be no different. I may be able to start programs earlier but it would also mean some travel.

I realize that the breaks in training over the past 15 months have been taxing and skating has suffered the most, as it is one of the only hockey skills that can’t be worked on “off-ice” and I appreciate that people want to get back on the ice to start fixing that, I just ask for a bit of time to get my Rink Life and Personal Life blended again and we should be off to the races. Please stay tuned for updates over the next week or two.

On a side note. I produced some analysis videos for a small group that I had during one of our non-lockdown spans and the results with the new gimbal and UHD 30fps were incredible.

As always, thanks for your interest in my programs and we hope to see you all very soon.

Stay healthy and safe.


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