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What’s going on?!

Hello everyone. I have seen a fair bit of traffic on the website recently so here is another update during the COVID19 pandemic.

First, I was going to start doing camps and programs in earlier in the fall however the City of Kingston was only giving out ice in one month blocks and as the large user groups took priority, private users like myself had problems offering anything as a solid program, as we would have had one month here at this time, but next month would there at a different time etc. I know that others were running programs during the break and that some people were driving to Napanee, I just didn’t feel that any of these scenarios fit.

After hearing yesterdays announcement by the Premier, it seems that we won’t be getting back on the ice anytime soon. This throws a bit of a wrench into things but The City, Amherstview and Napanee all had protocols in place, so once we have the go ahead, things will turn around much quicker than in the summer. I will be monitoring the situation so I can get up and running again as soon as possible. Be advised that there may be travel involved and times and schedules may be a bit erratic in the beginning but I think its just the nature of the beast for now.

Thanks everyone, stay active and stay safe.

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