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Spring Programs...and why we aren’t running any!

We have given Spring Programs a lot of thought over the last few weeks and after much canvassing and conversing with parents, we have decided not to run anything until July and August.

With AAA and AA tryouts around the corner, it seems that people are looking for programs designed to work on cardio and conditioning. This leaves us out, as our camps are structured and designed to teach and enforce proper skating techniques. We don’t bill ourselves as a Power Skating program and we would like to stay true to that philosophy. As such, we feel that there are enough people running conditioning and cardio camps that we will bow out for the Spring.

Our program is, however, well suited to prepare skaters for their season and help enforce good habits leading up to and during the season, so we have decided to focus our energy on organizing camps for July, August, and then again in October through the remainder of the season. 

Good luck in tryouts to everyone attending and we hope to see you in the summer. Thanks for another amazing season.


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