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Summer Camps Announcement!

We are pleased to announce that the ice for our two summer camps has been finalized. We have two camps running the last two weeks of July and all of August, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in Amherstview. Please see below for times, dates and descriptions.


Focused Skating Solutions Intro Camp.

Tuesday Mornings, from July 17th - August 28th, 7:30am - 8:30am (7 weeks)

There are two exceptions, August 14th and 21st. 7:30am - 8:00am (Minor Hockey Camp)

This camp is designed to focus on Edges - both forwards and backwards, Foward Stride Mechanics, Backward Skating, and Cross Overs - both directions.

The cost of this camp also includes a full video analysis package. Video footage is taken on the very first session and we produce an analysis video, highlighting areas that need work. We then take footage on the last session and give you a side by side comparison from the first session, as well as highlight areas for you to work on, as your season progresses.

Although the drills will keep everyone moving and most will find them challenging physically, the focus of the camp will be Skating Technique and NOT cardio or conditioning.

The cost for this camp is $175.00 per skater. Rep. players in the Atom to Bantam age groups (9-14)

Others will be considered but by application only.

This camp is capped at 16 SKATERS

TO REGISTER, SIMPLY EMAIL and give us you skaters name and date of birth. We will email back a registration package.

Because of the structure of the drills, every skater, regardless of age or ability will benefit. Most drills are designed to be done at each skaters pace and the emphasis is on Quality and not Quantity, so no one feels pressured to finish a drill or “catch-up” to the group.

Camp 2 is officially a house league level Camp. Several people have asked me about them before, so here it is.


Unfortunately, due to low numbers, we are cancelling this Camp. We will try for a House League Camp again in the Fall.

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