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Spring Tune-up Camp 2.0

Updated: Feb 22, 2020


I am taking names for a cancellation list at this time.

Due to overwhelming response, we are pleased to announce a second Spring 2020 Focused Skating Tune-up Camp. This camp will take place on Wednesday mornings from 7:00am - 7:50am, starting March 4th and ending on April 8th. The camp will consist of 6 on-ice session as well as an entrance video (shot the first day of Camp) and an exit video (Shot the last day and then compared to the entrance video footage) Please see below Video section for more info. THIS CAMP IS CAPPED AT 12 SKATERS! Camp fee is $210.00, Tax included. Registration forms available here. Here is a brief description of what you can expect.


I teach in a progression and edges are by far the most important part of skating. We will spend two full sessions focusing on proper edge technique, body position and posture to help skaters master ALL 8 edges. our next two sessions are broken up between forward striding, backward skating, turning and stopping. Our last two sessions we put everything together and work on turns and pivots both left and right as well as forwards and backwards. Just a gentle reminder that we are not a Conditioning Camp or Power Skating session, our focus is Quality vs. Quantity. Your son or daughter will certainly have the opportunity to turn on the jets but again, it will be with proper posture and balance.


The review videos are just that. Most end up being about 10 minutes long and in the video, we highlight the skaters strengths and also identify areas that may need some work. You will get an entrance video where we analyze the front and back view of your skating, while the exit video s a direct comparison of your footage from session one and session six. Please take a minute to view the short explanation video below.SKATERS WHO HAVE ONE OR MORE OF MY VIDEOS ALREADY, WILL GET A BACKWARD SKATING ANALYSIS, SO WE AREN’T CONTINUALLY REPEATING THE SAME VIEWS.


This, and our videos, are what sets me apart from other programs. When I do a team practice, the coaches are there to pitch in and help when needed so 16 - 18 skaters works out. When I do a camp on my own, I want to be able to give the same one on one attention to each skater and in order to accomplish this I limit the sessions to 12. 12 gives me 3 lines of 4 skaters during line drills which opens up the ice for each skater and also means less standing around. This camp is about performing the drills and skills properly and a low number of skaters allows me to give personal feedback to each skater, at every session. Explanation Video.

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